Sex Doll Functions

CSDOLL Sex Doll Size Specifics

Doll Height 100cm Flat Chest 100cm Normal Breast 100cm Big Breast  110cm BBW 125cm  Flat Chest 125cm Normal Breast



140cm Flat Chest 140cm Normal Breast
Bust/cm 48.5 54 58.5 81 49 62 81 62 78
Band/cm 43 42 45 46 50 47 49 48 53
Waist/cm 38 37.5 34.5 47 37 42 42 55 51
Hip/cm 58 59 58 80 58.5 61.5 61.5 77 79.5
Shoulder/cm 23 24 24 30 23 25.5 32 34 33
Feet/cm 13.5 14 14 21 14 16 20 20 20
Vaginal/cm 16.5 16.5 15.5 17 16.5 16.5 17 15.5 17
Anal/cm 12.5 12.5 12.5 15 12.5 12.5 15 13.5 13
Oral/cm 10.5 10.5 10.5 12 10.5 10.5 12 10.5 12
Net Weight/kg 12.9kg 13.2kg 13.2kg 22.5kg 13.8kg 14.6kg 28.5kg 26kg 26kg
Doll Height 140cm Big Breast 145cm Flat Chest 145cm Normal Breast 145cm Big Breast 150cm Small Breast 150cm Normal Breast 150cm Big Breast 155cm BBW 158cm Small Breast
Bust/cm 81 67.5 74 78 71 77 78 95 71
Band/cm 57 54.5 53 53 53 53 53 65 60
Waist/cm 52 51 50 49 49 50 49 53 49
Hip/cm 81 77 77.5 76 76 78 76 99 80
Shoulder/cm 35 35 33.5 36 36 34 36 36 34
Feet/cm 21 21 21 22 22 21 22 21 22
Vaginal/cm 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 18 18
Anal/cm 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15
Oral/cm 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12
Net Weight/kg 28kg 27kg 27kg 27kg 27kg 27kg 27kg 40kg 32kg


Doll Height 158cm Normal Breast 158cm Big Breast 165cm BBW 165cm Small Breast 165cm Normal Breast 165cm Big Breast 170cm Small Breast 170cm Normal Brest 170cm Big Breast 175cm BBW
Bust/cm 82 90 105 76 89 91 77 83 89 110
Band/cm 59 54 65 55 65 56 56 61 54 58
Waist/cm 50 50 55 53 56 53 55 56 54 57
Hip/cm 85 84 115 86 88 87 89 89 96 102
Shoulder/cm 34 33 35 30 34 32 32 33 32 35
Feet/cm 21 20 22 22 20 23 23 22 24 24
Vaginal/cm 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18
Anal/cm 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15
Oral/cm 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12
Net Weight/kg 32kg 32kg 53kg 34kg 35kg 37kg 37kg 37kg 38kg 46kg


  • Please use a physical address to receive your doll correctly. PO BOX is not available since it cannot accept large packages.


Jelly Breast Clips

When you squeeze Normal, your fingers & thumb would make an indentation, and it’s very resilient, but a bit solid. Laying on top of them was pleasant. It is 90% close to the real breast.

When you squeeze Hollow, your fingers & thumb will come together with only the TPE material between them. Laying on top of them they won't flatten out (they felt great), or when you raise myself up on your elbow to feel her breast, they felt great. It is 95% close to the real breast.

Jelly breast is the main material for breast augmentation. 99% close to the real breast. When you squeeze Jelly breasts, it will make you feel that it is soft and elastic, you will enjoy it so much that I can't put it down.

All of these feel amazing and jiggle like crazy.


Normal feet cannot stand because of the balance thing. Also, it may ruin her feet if you make her stand by force. So never try it.

Cutesexdoll's sex doll is composed of an outer flesh-like material, such as TPE, which surrounds an internal heavy metallic skeleton. The majority of sex dolls are in 50-90 lb. range. Some sex dolls can weight near 100 lbs. This downward force would easily penetrate through the 0.5-1.0" of flesh on the bottom of the feet if the doll were to be stood up on its own, even once. The "standing feet" option adds threaded bolts to the bottom of the doll's feet, three per foot, which connect directly to the internal skeleton. This way when the doll is stood up, the weight is applied and transferred through the bolts and not transferred through the soft flesh of the bottom of the doll's feet.

Although you will most likely rarely use it, however, if you do not want to damage her feet when you move her around, then you will need the standing feet option otherwise you will never be able to set her down without having the metal rods that are being used as skeleton transpiercing her TPE feet skin.

For custom orders, we didn't install standing feet now. You could do it yourself in 3 mins just refer this video

removanle vagina

If the doll you choose is heavy and that you do not want to move her around and having to bring her in the shower after usage, you will need the removable vagina. However, if the doll is not that heavy. You may prefer the fixed vagina. In appearance, they look the same at all.

I’ll give you examples:

For a 70 pounds doll, I use an removable vagina. The doll is quite heavy to carry around, however, for my 30 pounds mini doll, I prefer to bring her into the shower as I like and no need to remove the vagina and put it back.

Both have pros and cons.
In summary, based on our experience with both options: If you can easily bring your doll to the shower, take a fixed vagina. else, best add a removable vagina.

Installing a removable vagina is very simple. First, make sure your hands are clean, and then apply water or lubricating oil to the vaginal opening of the sex doll and the surface of the removable vagina, and then you can easily install it. Here is the video of our removable vagina.

Our sex dolls offer an internal heating systemthat allows you to easily heat the dolls body from the inside out. This method, although the most is expensive, will give you the best results for consistent heat throughout the dolls body.

How does it work?

Wiring will be run through the doll's body and there will be a plug outlet somewhere on the doll's body. The doll will also come with a wire that will plug into the doll's body and the other end will run to the wall outlet. Once start to charge, the doll's torso, vagina, and anus will reach the normal body temperature (36℃ or 96.8℉) in about 40 mins and will be ready for use.

  • Most realistic experience.
  • Consistent heating throughout the doll's body with the touch of a button.
  • Easy to use.
    Free External Heating Devices

    All dolls will include a small external heating device with each doll purchase. It is free of charge and without having to specifically request it.

    How does it work?
    The device will be a small heating wand with a USB plug that you can insert into the doll's vagina or anus to heat it before use. 
      • Heating limited to small area, not full body like the internal systems.
      • Less realistic than internal body heating systems.
      *Please keep the sex doll lying flat while the sex doll is heated, and stay beside the doll throughout the heating process.

        Want a love doll who can talk and moan? Dont forget to buy our intelligent voice system. With this voice system, the doll can talk to you or moan when you are intimate with her. More realistic, isn’t it?
        Principle: We have installed 5 sensors on the doll's breasts, vagina, and two sides of vagina, which can detect the skin touch in real time, and groan from the sound generator according to the pressing force. At the same time, our voice generator has a built-in intelligent voice system that can have simple conversations with you. The sound device is usually installed on the back, which will make you feel that the sound is coming from the doll. Here is the voice video.
        Voice System User Manual

        Since the sensor is connected to the speaker through a wire, it cannot be removed. When the speaker is out of power, the indicator light on the speaker flashes and there is a voice prompt. You can use the Mirco-USB charging cable to charge it. The indicator light flashes when charging, and the indicator light is always on when it is fully charged.
        Power Switch: Hold down the function button for 4 seconds.
        Language Switch: Click the function button 2 times
        Conversation or Moaning Mode Switch: Click the function button 1 time.

        For how to chat with your doll, click here.
        For conversation mode, the doll will initiate a conversation with a question or statement and will then listen for your reply. After you answer it, the doll will continue talking. At the same time, you could say "higher voice" or "lower voice" to control the volume.

        Battery Power Indications
        Solid = Fully Charged
        Flashing = Charging
        Blinking = Low power

        Automatic Sleep Function
        System will turn off when there is no touch or conversation for 2 minutes.

          Skeleton Option: Standard, Shrugging Shoulder & Yoga
          In the process of purchasing sex dolls, some new doll players may be confused about the choice of standard, Shrugging Shoulder and Yoga skeletons. We will give you a detailed explanation here.

          Standard Skeleton
          Standard skeleton doesn’t allow your doll to shrug its shoulders. It can only bend forwards and backwards. The elbows and knees can be bent slightly, about 90 degrees.

          Shrugging Shoulder Skeleton

          Shrugging Shoulder Skeleton can make your doll shrug its shoulders. More realistic and can assume different poses more freely.

          Yoga Skeleton
          The spine and joint of yoga skeleton are more flexible and can lean left and right, which help in creating the hot intimate times desired by doll lovers. Legs can be bent into W position or downwards to touch buttocks.

          Compared to the standard skeleton, yoga is a more advanced skeleton, which is super flexible and allows for more natural, human-like posing for both modeling/photography and sexual positions. So that they can squat, stretch and kneel like real human.

          You need to pay extra to upgrade the skeleton of your doll. So if you do not have more requirements for joints flexibility, just simple postures, the standard skeleton will meet your needs. If you’re always looking for more flexibility in your dolls, Shrugging Shoulder and Yoga skeleton is your best choice.

          Note: silicone head has no oral sex function, only TPE head provides oral sex function. TPE head is affordable, and the appearance of silicone head is more realistic. TPE head feels softer than silicone head and is suitable for oral sex. Silicone head is more realistic than tpe head. After implanted hair (hair, eyebrows, eyelashes), it is almost the same as a real person. You can clearly see every pore and freckles on the face.

          Hanging the doll with a hook is the best way to store the doll, because the body of the doll is best placed in a vertical position, which can ensure that its body will not be squeezed and deformed. You can put the hanging dolls in the closet and keep the sex dolls in a dark and cool environment, which can make the dolls last longer. Here is a video how we store sex dolls

          Foldable Version
          With foldable function, the legs of the doll could be removed, so that the doll can be stored in the suitcase or under the sofa. We recommend customers who take sex dolls out of travel, move frequently, or do not want to be discovered by other people living together to purchase foldable function.

          After disassembling the head and legs of the doll, you can pack them in the suitcase and take them anywhere easily. It only takes five minutes to assemble and disassemble.

          Due to the different molds, there are two installation and disassembly ways depends on type of your doll, one is rotary installation and the other is snap-in. Your doll may get one of them randomly.

          For more information about Foldable version, Click here to know more.

          If you do not wanna choose the foldable function and wondering how to take the doll out to play and take photos, you can buy flight case together. We will customize the appropriate flight case according to the size of the doll.

          According to the preferences of different customers, we provide two kinds of extra penis, normal penis and flaccid penis. Normal hard penis are more suitable for use, and flaccid penis mainly simulates the appearance of an unerected penis. Here is Normal Erect Shemale Penis & Flaccid Shemale Penis

          For those who like French kisses, you must choose removable tongue. It can bring you a more realistic kissing experience. The installation is very simple. If you are worried that it will affect your oral sex experience, just take it out before use. Here is the video of removable tongue installation.

          If you like your dolls with nose nails, lip nails, breast nails & umbilical nails., we provide nail sets, you can install them yourself.

          Due to vigorous squeezing, pushing and pulling, some frequently used parts may have some small tears when using. You can use TPE glue to repair it, here is the TPE glue operation video.
          Due to the adsorption characteristics of TPE material, if you accidentally use clothes that are easy to fade, it will cause the dolls skin to stain. At this time, using our TPE strain cream as soon as possible could remove the color mostly.
          Once the doll is accidentally pierced by a hard object, causing part of the TPE skin to fall off, you can use TPE repair material + high temperature gun to repair it, and here is TPE repair material operation video.
          After using for a period of time, the makeup may get faded, you can use our cosmetic set to makeup, here is the video.

          For more detailed pictures of sex doll clothes, click here

          We will give each doll a gift package, which includes a small disposable heating rod, a pair of gloves, a comb for combing wigs and a vaginal douche (using video). Before you use the doll, you can put the heating rod into the hole you want to use, and use it later to increase your sense of reality. The vaginal douche allows you to clean the vagina more conveniently and cleanly. The impact of water flow can clean the vagina more thoroughly and prevent hygiene problems.

          Maintenance Instructions - Very Important

          1. We recommend you use "water-based lubricant" when entering the vagina, anus, and oral to prevent skin tears. Condoms are better for protection.
          2. If you like doggy style, don't put weight on your doll's hand or wrist. Try to protect her palms use pillows, quilts, or any other soft objects to support the torso.
          3. All sex doll has a metal skeleton with some fixed and movable joints, which enables them to flexibly assume various postures. However, we recommend that you do not place the real doll in an unusual posture for a long time. The skin of our doll is very soft and can not touch fire. So please keep away from sharp objects, fire sources, and hair dryers as they may hurt the doll's skin.
          4. All love dolls must be cleaned after sex. You can just use free vaginal cleaning tool attached with the pacakge to clear her, or take a bath with her. Please be careful not to put her all the head & neck in the water. If you want to wash the love doll's face, wipe it gently with a damp cloth, a mild antibacterial soap is fine.
          5. After it dries naturally, please use the baby powder or any other edible powder to keep the skin dry & soft.
          6. Please make sure that all the clothes you wear for your love doll are not easy to fade. TPE material absorbs other colors easily and cannot be washed away with water. Although TPE stain remover could do an excellent job of removing most stains on the skin, some things may be difficult or even impossible to remove.
          7. In order to prevent the material from aging, please do not put the doll under sunlight for a long time.