Who We Are

Welcome to CuteSexDoll! CuteSexDoll has always been committed to providing quality, luxury but affordable Sex Dolls for everyone who is lonely and desires for sex or companionship. With this original intention and vision, we have been providing our customers with a wide variety of quality dolls to meet their psychological and physical satisfaction.

CuteSexDoll.com is currently one of the highest fast-growing sex doll shops online that only sell ready-to-ship sex dolls. All products will be dispatched from our local warehouse discreet within 24 hours and delivered to your home within 2-7 days.

Currently, we have 1000+ dolls in the US warehouse, and we will ship them from our Los Angeles, Miami warehouses according to the inventory situation. They are made with 10+ pre-built features and there must be one that can satisfy all your preferences. I believe that CuteSexDoll can provide you with the ultimate shopping and sex amazing experience!
 Manufacture Process
Discreet Shipping Package
Our Dolls Ready for Departure from our Factory to LA/Miami Warehouse

Our Philosophy

Enjoy Ultimate Sex Life regardless who you are!

Our society is filled with messages about sexual shame and depression, all of which perpetuate the same problem that we can’t be honest about our sexual desires and orientations, once you are found to be the minority, you may be regarded as abnormal.

Once, we were considered the most reasonable time to enjoy sex during our childbearing years in our 20s and 30s. Where did this idea come from? News and advertisements make us think that only young people are eligible to enjoy sex.

Come on! that was a hundred years ago! Yet, we’re still walking around thinking our value comes from our inner body, no matter what age you are.

Sexual Self-determination Activities

Like our Founder, Hank Jobs, we reject any message that restraints people's carefree and diverse sexual needs. We encourage everyone to be frank with your inner desires, which can't be more normal and reasonable. It's time to liberate your sex desire and face what you exactly are!

Until now, are you still feel guilty about buying a sex doll? NEVER THINK TAHT WAY! Here, we have met customers who are single but find happiness, people who have lost their lovers find new spiritual sustenance, and also those who desire and are dissatisfied find reasonable outlets...No matter what the reason, let us give up those remarks about stereotyped influence! WE RESPECT ALL!

Our Material

All the products in our store are made of top medical grade raw materials imported from Japan Kurary
Pics of material supply factory and our material stock
In fact, low-cost doll manufacturers in sex doll industries may use recycled waste and scraps from large factories to make those dolls, which may pose a potential threat to your health. The strict requirements for the hygiene of raw materials and processing environment make our production cost twice as high as that of ordinary doll manufacturers, but our materials do not cause any harm or irritation to the human skin and can easily be cleaned and disinfected without affecting the quality of the toy in the long run. What is even more amazing is, our TPE material is hypo-allergic, meaning that while using products made from them, there is no possibility of skin irritation or illness.
At the same time, our raw materials are environmentally friendly and degradable materials, which reduce the burden on the environment (with photos).
Click here to read more about raw materials: SEPTON™ 


Sex Doll Revolution

At CuteSexDoll, we are building a sales platform that not only provides cost-effective dolls, but also provides a place for sex doll lovers to communicate and share their life with our dolls. We are creating a greater cultural understanding. As we learn more about sex dolls, we will become happier, healthier, and more authentic.

Explore our realistic male and female dolls and many more exciting things. All designed to spice up solo or couple play for our heterosexual & gay customers. We ensure a healthy and carefree sexual life, at unbeatable prices on the market.

CuteSexDoll takes every review into consideration and tries hard to give every customer an exciting and comfortable experience. Feel free to contact us via email at hello@cutesexdoll.com or live chat if you have any confusion during shopping!

To learn more, please visit our store: CuteSexDoll.com