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1171 products

1171 products

We have sex dolls with different body sizes to meet your demands and favors.

1. BBW Sex Dolls
BBW is an acronym for Big Beautiful Woman. Big, fat but also curvy and alluring! Huge and jiggly tits, round and muscular butt, all these unusual body features are appealing and make men impossible to take away their eyes. Let BBW sex dolls lead your erotic fantasy to the next level.

2. Big Boobs Sex Dolls
Big boobs sex dolls, as the name shows, have an irresistible charm that will turn you on because of the boobs bouncing up and down. Quite a few men interviewed think that big breasts are the best pillow and bring a strong visual turn-on. Different from BBW girls, sex dolls with big boobs have normal-size butts as well as slim and long legs, shaping a perfect waist-to-hip ratio.

3. Normal Boobs Sex Dolls
Sex dolls with normal boob size also have a good body ratio thus female charm is well conveyed. As a psychologist writes, "Men fell in love with the women's breasts, whatever their size." The breast size in this selection is closer to real women's, suitable for people who don't have special requirements for breasts.

4. Flat-chested Sex Dolls & Small Boobs Sex Dolls
Some guys fall for small-busted and flat-chested sex dolls. When it comes to size, the shape and feel of the breast matter more than size. It is well recognized that women with small and flat breasts are more sensitive, easier to feel more pleasure and sexual stimulation when sucked by their partner, and vice versa.

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