Under $500 Cheap Sex Dolls

248 products

248 products

Looking for your next companion? Here it is! Cute Sex Doll can ensure your ultimate satisfaction no matter how much your budget is.

Generally speaking, a doll with a shorter height costs less money. But this is not absolute, size and weight are also important factors.

1. <$500 Sex Dolls

Dolls under $500 usually have lighter weight but with the same premium material as others. Small body, big energy. Realistic oral, vaginal and anal channels are all there, instead of missing these sex functions due to the most affordable price! Also, we set the low cost for high-quality sex dolls! If you don't want to spend too much on a sex doll, and especially as a first buyer, under $500 sex dolls are the best selection for you!

2. 500-$800 Sex Dolls

$500-$800 sex dolls usually have more configurations (such as more wigs, more pairs of eyes, jelly breast, removable tongue and so on ) or have a height under 150cm. Suitable for people who need more configurations instead of taller height.

3. $800+ Sex Dolls

The height distribution of $800+ sex dolls is mostly within the real-world female height range. They have more comprehensive configurations, more body types and longer bodies! If you use a sex doll which price is over $800 as your girlfriend, your life will be 80% free from loneliness and frustration! You can create the sex life you have always dreamed of without all the negative parts of one relationship.

Time to claim your sweetheart back home! This is definitely the best investment you’ll ever make! If you have any questions, welcome to contact us through online chat or email at hello@cutesexdoll.com. We are 24/7 here to help!